Vidres presents a range of state-of-the-art products on a renewed stand, with an updated external appearance thanks to the implementation of futuristic materials. The exhibition area has also undergone significant changes, whereby the presentation now comprises a combination of different collections: cement and wood, stone with metallic materials, marbled sheet metal, stone formwork, etc.

In view of the success of ROCKER’s new digital ink in its recent presentation, the new collections display this finish as their common denominator. In this technique, bas-reliefs and micro-textures are obtained by applying the new digital ink, giving the product a more natural finish.

Pieces are also presented with other finishes such as graining, pumicing or polishing. Alternatively, products are created by blending a grained finish with either lustre, gloss or matt digital inks. As part of the industrial look, several metallic outer coatings are exhibited, with both natural and polished finishings

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